iNAGO's vision is to allow people to speak to computers like speaking with a friend. We’re doing this by enabling smart digital assistants on any device, in any language, in any country in the World.

Our Product is netpeople

iNAGO provides an advanced platform for digital assistants, like mia, to help people get what they want anytime, anywhere.netpeople assistants help with everyday tasks from searching for restaurants to managing your calendar, and are accessible from your smart phone to your car.
netpeople incorporates advanced unique technology to allow computers to talk and, a breadth of tools to allow people to teach them what to say and how to think.


For Press inquiries contact: press@netpeople-a.com

For Partner, Mash-ups, API's, or other business inquiries contact: business@netpeople-a.com

For Job Opportunities, or any other type of information contact: info@netpeople-a.com

For Support contact**: support@netpeople-a.com

**Depending on the nature of your questions, it may take up to 1 week to get back to you. We appreciate your patience.